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Let's Save the Environment Together

According to the Regulations on the electrical waste management,  collection of electronic waste is mandatory and after the expiration date of the product passes it cannot be disposed with other unsorted municipal waste.

Did you know that the decomposition of one improperly deposited toner  lasts for 450 years?

It is our wish to jointly contribute to preservation of the environment so we will properly dispose at our expense all used toner cartridges and inks that were bought from us.

In this way the environmental impact is reduced to a minimum, and if possible some toners will be re-used. It can be arranged with our customers and partners that we take used toner cartridges when we deliver ordered goods.

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Our main activity is wholesale of office supplies and everything You need in everyday business.

In our assortment are inks, toners and other consumable items for world's most famous brands of printer: HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Fujitsu, Xerox, Minolta, Samsung, paper of all sizes and weights

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Let's Save the Environment Together

Let's Save the Environment Together

There is a possibility for our customers and partners that we take away used toner cartridges with our own vehicles while delivering ordered goods … Learn more